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Archive for June, 2009

Fun Friday Nights

June 26, 2009 - Posted by Wendi - 2 Comments »

Some of you may be out tonight drink’n and party’n but not the Loves – we have a little one and his paryting stops at 9 and resumes at 4am so needless to say this is what we do for fun around here … PHOTO SHOOT!


***Noah just chill’n***

Of course I wanted in on the action….I think Noah looks more and more like Bobby!


***Mommy & Noah***


***Family Fun*** (this took us FOREVER to get because as you can see below someone wanted to be included)


Bella would like to know- “Am I still cute?” (post a comment and let her know your opinion) She was hysterical trying to get in on our photo shoot! We still love her.


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First Father’s Day

June 21, 2009 - Posted by Wendi - 2 Comments »

Noah has had many firsts but this was a first for Bobby, his first Father’s Day.  He woke up to Noah laying in bed with him! Noah gave him a little card and an engraved #1 Dad frame.  We all went to lunch at 59 Bank where the Little Man bought Daddy lunch (actually all dads received a free entree and Bud Light).  Later on Dad wanted ice cream (who is the kid here?)


***I scream, you scream, Daddy screams for ICE CREAM!***

The day was so exciting that the boys needed a little nap…


***Daddy and Noah taking a break together***

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Noah’s Baptism

June 13, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Today we got to welcome Noah to the church! It was so much fun to have our friends and family join us and to celebrate Noah’s Baptism Day. We had a great turnout for church and had a little dinner party after that was really fun.

***Noah doesn’t discriminate, even if you’re a Father he’s gonna chew your finger…***

***Da godmother and Da godfather!***

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Friday: Deep Sea Fishing…Dinner Party

June 12, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

We went deep sea fishing off of the coast of Boston. We headed out about 30 miles with Gary of Rings Island Charter. It was a bit of a rainy start, but turned out to be a fantastic day and we caught a bunch of fish. We went after Cod and Haddock, but of course nailed about 20 dogfish (shark) as well…It was a blast, Dad is already planning another trip in the fall to do it again!

***Joe, Tom and Ben all showed up in shirts that said, “Nebraska Men Can’t Fish”. In hindsight, they probably weren’t the best idea considering Nebraska soooo outfished Mass…***

***Tom got sick. He spent most of his day in the cabin like this, poor dude***

***It’s essential to maintain a 6 to 1, beers to waters ratio – FACT***

***Captain Gary weighing the fish for the independent “big fish” contest winner. It was my Dad of course.***

***Perfect way to end 8 hours of fishing, a 1 hour boat ride back to land and some cigars and cold beer…***

***Ben and Joe are fools***

***The Deputy seems to be a natural***

***Dad, drinking his face off***

***Ahhh land, almost back to shore***

***Joe and his big fish of the day***

***Ben and fish***

***Walleye fisherman Bill Love shows his skills with the Cod***

***Deputy Dave and fish***

***Duck at the dock***

***Conclusive proof that Dave caught a shark***

Not only are we outstanding fishermen, we’re also quite social. We had a party at Nana’s house after the fishing day!

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The Family Has Arrived In Boston!

June 11, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

In preparation for Noah’s Baptism weekend, Mom, Dad, Deputy Dave, Sister, and Peyton all flew out…

We wasted no time this evening. We hopped on the train into Boston and did a Duck Boat Tour. It was a great time.

peyton sleepin
***All that flying did Peyton in…she passed out hard on the train into the city***

rainbow duck boat
***Of course we got the rainbow duck boat***

***Peyton LOVED the duck boat she kept looking out at all the scenery of Boston***

pizza stop
***After the duck boats we hit California Pizza for some za and some beers***

train out
***Mom and dad on the way out. They looked like Peyton did on the way in…***

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