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It’s True What They Tell You…

February 28, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

no more sleep, blah blah blah…

We are in full swing with the little man! Wendi and Noah come home tomorrow and they are both doing great. We had our couples final night dinner tonight at the hospital. They give steak, twice baked potato, salad, sparkling grape juice and they set the table in the room so you feel like your a restaurant – awesome!

I just want to express how amazing my wife is…she went through a labor that was insane. She was at 9cms for 5 hours and was walking around, doing the birthing ball, pushing, everything…without any drugs or epidural. Noah apparently twisted somewhere through the process and there was a real fear that pushing it further for the natural route could break his shoulder or arm and that just wasn’t an option.

We’re so grateful to have such a wonderful and healthy baby boy and we are also even more blessed to have the amazing network of friends and family that have supported us, prayed for us, and have been there for us through all of this!

Ok, enough talk for now, here’s some more photos of Noah Edward:

noah new born
***What an entrance to the world – I’d cry too little dude, don’t feel bad!***

Noah and mommy meet
***Momma meets baby Noah for the first time!~***

***Noah takin a snooze***

Noah with Momma

Noah Sleeping

Noah Abby and Wendi
***Noah with Abby and Wendi***

Noah the hairy monkey
***My son is a hairy lil chimp!!! He has fur all over his back too and frikin cute, looks like daddy…***

Noah with mommy resting
***Noah resting next to momma after a boob session – Look at that head of hair!***

Noah Snuggled
***No matter how tight you wrap him, those little hands are getting out…***

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Welcome Noah Edward Love!!!!!

February 25, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

After a couple days of days of labor and 12 hours of active natural labor we took our amazing son, Noah Edward Love, by Cesarean Section.

He was born at 8:56am and weighed a massive 8lbs 9oz and was 21 inches long.

I am beat and dont have much energy to post, but here some shots:


Welcome to the world my little man, we look forward to sharing our life with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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February 24, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

We’re at home, I have a contraction journal going and Wendi’s on the birthing ball.

We were 4 cms and the baby was already at like plus 1 station while at the dr’s.

Gotta run!

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Baby Love Mailing List – Sign Up Now!

February 17, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

I’ve launched a mailing list for those of you who want to be the first to know the happenings of the labor, birth, and gender of baby love! I will be updating this from my BlackBerry in the hospital (I checked, I get reception – haha). So just enter your email and you’ll be all set!

Sign up below!!!

Email Address:

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Waaa Waaah Waaaah …

- Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Wait, is that the sound of a baby crying? Nope, it’s just Wendi!

We passed my “wanted” delivery date of Valentine’s day (Baby Love on v-day, could it have been much more awesome?!?) Wendi’s actually doing amazing, I have no idea how she does it…she’s still working as if there isn’t a giant ball of baby parts sticking out every which way from her stomach and at moments I can tell she is extremely uncomfortable but when I make eye contact she just smiles. It’s really something spectacular.

The due date is technically coming this Friday the 20th and if this child is anything like its’ father then it will come at the very last possible minute. Procrastination is a genetic thing, right?

Back to twirling my thumbs, staring at the nursery and charging my three cameras for delivery!

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