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Wendi @ 37 Weeks

January 28, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

PLEASE NOTE: the emails are flying in and apparently my photoshop skills are better than I thought…The foot was a ‘added’ feature by me – sorry!

Wendi 37 Weeks Giant Belly

Here’s the original:

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One Of Life’s Greatest Things: The Glider

January 26, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Sure men, your parent’s had a lazy boy growing up. Until you reach the pinnacle of your life, child birth (that’s what I’m calling it, help me out here and call it the same!) you will never experience the single most comfortable thing ever made, THE GLIDER.

You’ll notice these every time your wife drags you to Babies R’ Us…after the first visit they will become you’re favorite place to sit while your wife shops for vomit rags and organic crib crap.

Well ours finally arrived today. Not only are they the single most relaxing seat ever made; they take about 8 minutes to assemble! Any of you who have been to IKEA just once and bought a piece of assemble-yourself furniture will certainly appreciate this. Here’s our’s:

***I was welcomed home by this box. At first I thought it was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story but then I quickly realized it was the chair!***

***Can you believe it, that’s all there is inside, the thing is practically together!***

***That’s it. Screw the back on and the arms and all that’s left is the padded pieces.***

***Oh my lord, she’s so perfect.***

***So it may have only taken 8 minutes to assemble…that doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to down 10 beers in the process.***

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Wendi At 35ish Weeks

January 20, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Again, this whole “counting in weeks” thing is a real pain for my brain…

Wendi at 35 Weeks
***Calm, cool and collected. I sometimes wonder how she still does yoga…..

Friends Feelin Baby Belly
***We had a little get together at the house with Abby, Anne, Sergio and Mike. These are Abby and Anne’s hands with Wendi’s feeling the baby kick and practice various gynamistics moves.

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Baby Love’s Nursery – Complete

January 18, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Click here if you want to see the fullsize HD video

Hope you enjoy the video, Wendi’s shooting for HGTV someday!

Here are a few pics of the finished nursery as well:

The finished nursery! We absolutely love it!

Nursery Mobile
You probably noticed this in the video. Wendi’s aunt Nancy makes these and they are really something spectacular to see!

Here’s the crib. Everything came together so nicely, which is a relief, paint color especially scares me because you never know how you did matching it all until it’s done.

Baby Love’s bunny lamp

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Prepared Childbirth: Bobby’s Journal #1

January 9, 2009 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

I’m going to write a series of journal entries regarding my experiences with all of these classes that Wendi has me taking. From newborn care and prepared birthing to lactation, some of the things I have learned are so etched in my mind I feel the only way I can ever sleep again at night is by writing them down and sharing some of the humour I was able to find throughout.

Journal #1
Infant Care Class

“How hard can be honey, You pop the critter out and we do what comes naturally?” Those were the famous last words of the mortal idiot that is me.

The class was at the hospital, just outside the doors of the maternity ward in a cold dingy conference room that smelt of gauze and sterility. There were about 6 couples in the room and one jolly nurse leading the bunch. Maternity nurses are eternally jolly aren’t they? Maybe something about seeing new life all day makes you have hope or not think about your own eventual demise…who knows, back to the story. We were late, I know, surprise! We seem to be late often now that my wife has to pee twice everytime we need to leave the house.

We walked in at the perfect time, BATH TIME!

Who the hell knew that there was so much involved in bathing a newborn? If you did, thanks for not telling me, I may have reconsidered the whole deal. So the jolly nurse lady is pretend bathing the plastic newborn doll when all of the sudden she mentions the umbilical cord. What?

I said, “Wait, I thought we already cut that thing off???”
Jolly nurse lady replies, “oh, you have so much to learn!” and has a chuckle at my expense.

So from her explanation, my child will have this tree limb looking extension coming out of the mid-belly for a week…um, bucket please, I need to hurl. What’s even better is that you have to clean the thing with particular precision and alcohol swabs around the base where it meets the belly skin. Once again, puke is at the base of my tongue knocking on the doors of my lips to open up.

As she describes bathing the newborn my mind suddenly snaps back to reality and the fact that my wife can’t even see blood without gagging so I have no clue how she is going to handle this. I slowly turn my head to gauge her facial expression. Too late, her eyes are LOCKED on mine and she leans in to whisper in my ear, “You are in charge of bath time, Daddy”. Shit! Are you serious? I’ve been with Wendi long enough to know when she’s serious and when she’s just temporarily insane (happens often), and she was serious with this one. I ask no questions, I just accept it and I start taking notes cause this just got officially added to my job title – “Bath Time Director”

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