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January 15, 2007 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Do not adjust your monitors. Do not jump into the archives searching for where I dug this photo up from. No folks, none of that will help. This is an actual photo taken Saturday in New York City! That’s right, Vonnie was in NYC and Wendi and I were more than eager to hop on the train and slam back a few hundred drinks with her and her boyfriend Nik.

***It started innocently enough with this casual meeting in Grand Central Station. Vonnie quickly uttered the words, “We are SO craving a beer right now” about five seconds after saying hello – it was awesome.***

***We quickly hit up a little dinner for some finger foods and some much needed Amstel’s to get the night started.***

***There’s really only one place to go if you want to get pissed REALLY fast. McSorley’s Irish Pub. This place is AMAZING. They only serve beer, don’t even think of asking for anything else. Oh yeah, and you can only say two things for your drink “LIGHT OR DARK” – they have nothing else. It’s beautiful, the place has dust on everything in it, it hasn’t been cleaned in decades. It’s PACKED with people, yelling, spilling, singing, getting rowdy. It’s the greatest place ever.***

***Just for old time’s sake. The ole Cayman Fat Kids OOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHH vomit pose. It’s so classic.***

***Our next stop was purely by accident, and turned out to be purely a great choice. We noticed a sign for happy hour at a place called COLORS and had to stop in to see the prices. The prices were great, like 6 bucks for some great martinis/cocktails and even cheaper for beers. The staff was AMAZING, I guess that’s what you get when the restaurant is a co-op and every employee owns the place!***

***At COLORS, everyone started to get a little loose…Wendi and Vonnie got real loose and started reverting back to our old Cayman ways. Man, sometimes I miss those days.***

***Here it is MATTERS! At some point, between cocktails, we phoned MATTERS up for a little full on Cayman reunion. Matt knows this photo is coming, so this is the moment. Vonnie talking to Matters about nothing. OOOOAAAAAAHHHHAAAAA***

***My under shirt for the night was my prized “Invade Canada” shirt. Vonnie and Nik loved it when I broke it out. Take that, eh.***

more to come, I have to go to bed………

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Omaha – Sister’s Surprise 30th

January 11, 2007 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Wendi and I flew into Omaha late last Thursday to surprise my sister for her surprise party that would occur on Saturday (pardon the excessive use of “surprise”). Friday night we all went out with about 15 people to the Stumble In, a new West Omaha bar that is really a nice bar despite the fact that there is a mechanical bull smack dab in the center of the room.

We drank in excess and had a great time – Wendi stayed on the bull longer than anyone in the entire establishment the entire night, not bad for a city girl…

***Pre-bull riding dinner at Roja – My buddy Tom’s restaurant in West Omaha. Obvisouly awesome design due to Tom’s skills, but also the food is top notch.***

***My brother-in-law….what can I say. I think this was taken just before the bull first started, so this is Dave’s “ready” position. Soon after this photo the bull made one slight tilt about 3 degrees to the right and Dave slid off the bull’s back as if there were a thick layer of grease between his arse and the mechanical beast.***

***Wendi loves everything about Nebraska. She especially loves saddles. Not that we have many saddles laying around, but if we did, she’d smile more.***

***One of Wendi’s 60 bull ride’s for the night. She was just breaking the bull in at this point. By the fourth ride she was slapping its’ ass, telling it to call her “daddy”, and taunting the crowd that no one could ride in Nebraska like this Boston girl…It was beautiful.***

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2007 Already!?

January 1, 2007 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

That’s right, another year has come and gone. Holiday weight and hangovers have been haunting me for the past month and I can’t wait to get back to normal. Our wedding plans are in full gear, I prematurely launched our half ass site at – I’ll get it all finished prior to the wedding, I promise.

Resolutions. I’ve made them in the past but have a horrible track record of keeping at them for more than a couple of weeks. I think this year I will be more general. I want to be more active and I want to be more in touch with the people I care most about. I think those are good goals. Plus they are vague enough that I can adjust the definition as the year goes by.

Well, happy NEW YEAR!

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