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Archive for March, 2006

A Few Random Jamaica Shots

March 14, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

I’ve been getting a ton of emails for the Jamaica shots to be posted. Well, I have no time. I don’t have three seconds of time right now. I can barely find time to poo and brush my teeth (I have to do both at the same time). So I just sized up a few random photos and will post them here. Don’t look for the full Jamaica post until this weekend.

***The view outside our hotel room. It was great weather the whole time.***

***Some of the ladies. They drank…alot. I drank a little – but they drank ALOT. I love Vonda.***

***After spending a day with Chuck (outstanding Cayman based photographer) I was inspired to tinker with my camera settings and try to get a good night shot. This was shot in the pitch black from the beach with my camera resting on a beach chair towards the dock. I will post some of Chuck’s photos later this month and also his contact info – he’s amazing.***

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Live From Jamaica

March 6, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Hey, just realized that I havent posted shit in here all month…I’m in Jamaica and this is costing $.33 per minute. So….LATER

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