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Ocean Drive – Newport, RI

February 7, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Ocean Drive is just down the street from our house here in Newport, but we only cruise it when people are in town, or we are really bored. Well, we got bored yesterday so we decided to take a spin. It really is a gorgeous drive:

***De Ocean it all its glory!***


***Monument up close***

***There happened to be like 80mph winds on the ocean yesterday and Bella, being 4lbs, did not handle the winds very well.***

***Wendi and Bella***

***One of the MANY amazing houses along Ocean Drive***

***Another super duper house…one day I will be sitting out there, sipping Mohitos and cleaning my guns…..ah***

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Super Bowl Outcome

February 6, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Place attended – Trendy’s Pizza and Pasta in Barrington, RI (Mark from Cayman owns the joint)

Wings Consumed – 16
Pizza Slices Consumed – 4
Beers Downed – 8
Bets Won/Lost – (-$55) damn Seahawks

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Super Bowl Sunday!

February 5, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Now typically Sundays are a day for relaxation and reflection. No one knows this better than Bella. Here she is fast asleep this Sunday morning:

Now today is the exception to the rule. Today is Super Bowl Sunday! A day for fried food and cheap booze. And when I say fried food, I mean FRIED food. Anything you can find in your cabinets that has the potential to be fried should be fried and eatin on this day. So just when you think frying candy, pasta, steak, and fruit is out of the question…just grab that crap and toss it into your fryer! This is the day that forgives you for any messes and fires you may experience from the irresponsible use of 400 degree oil.

What about beer, you may ask? Well, if you’re my dad, today is no different than any of the other 51 Sundays you will experience this year. He is sure to make his daily trip to the QuikTrip to grab a cold 18 pack or more of that sweet nectar Busch Light. Now if you are not like my dad and typically do not spend your Sunday’s with an adult beverage in hand, well today is your day to step outside of yourself and live a little! Head to the liquor store and grab whatever’s on sale. That’s right, WHATEVER is on sale. Nah, skip that Bud Light and that Corona, that stuff’s premium today. We’re shootin’ for NASCAR grade or below beverages today people! On day’s like this we get whatever we can afford the most of and still make next month’s trailer payment.

But wait, “Mr. BobbylovevillE, I am on a low carb diet”. Well first of all, stop that shit. You can’t live without carbs. Secondly, it’s simple if you’re on a girly diet for some unexplainable reason. Just grab your typical can of PBR or Olympia beer and pour half of it into a glass (don’t be a pesimist, that glass is half full). Then take your glass to the kitchen sink and fill the rest of the glass with water. There you go, you have at least cut your carbs is half. Plus, if you’re on a low carb diet, you don’t deserve a whole beer.

But wait, “Mr. BobbylovevillE, I don’t drink beer”. Ah yes, I fully understand you Mr. Only Drinks Pink Tinted Beverages….well, today’s not your day. Either drink a beer, or spend the day at the spa getting your pedi’s cured.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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It’s Friday

February 3, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »


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FireFox Cross Browser Tool

February 2, 2006 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

I hope all you use FireFox and have finally abandoned InternetExploder…if you haven’t go get it now –

I found this great add-on tool for the FireFox browser that will allow to open those horrid sites that only want you to use IE. You just open the site in an IE browser tab within FireFox – SEXY!

Click here to grab the tool

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