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Archive for December, 2004

Da Christmas Post 2004

December 26, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

What a holiday! My first Christmas in two years back with the family was fantastic. We had boyz night out with the uncles, which was a riot and then Christmas at Unlce Jim’s house. Here’s some photos:

Even Bear Gets Photos
***Even my sisters dog, Bear, gets into Christmas. Here he gaurds his presents with his life.***

Bobby Tackles Santa
***I managed to tackle Santa when he cruised by my house. He’s soft.***

After the police
*** After the police came and got me off of Santa, he was able to narrowly escape my parents house.***

Now my Urzendowski side of the family has a reputation of putting on some kick ass parties. Our Christmas celebrations cannot be topped by ANYONE – I’ll bet the house on that one. Here is the breakdown of one our family traditions, the Polish Christmas Pinata:

***Uncle Al is our GrandMaster of every ceremony that we have. To start off the pinata he has to give the instructions so that the chaos can proceed.***

unicorn weenie
***After years if leading this activiy, Al understands the importance of protection.***

The Hand Off
***After instructions, the ceremonial whacking stick is handed to the youngest child.***

Instructions fer da kidz
***Youngest Starts, Here we go!***

no holds barred
***We don’t discriminate. Boyz and Girlz get in on this. We pump our kids full of sports enhancing drugs year round just for the pinata ceremonies.***

Its a look thing
***We teach them young what it takes. Hit hard, Hand off the stick, but make sure you look good the whole time your doing it!***

getting outta control
***Half way through this years ceremonies Al has already almost taken the stick to his head three times. He leans in to go over the safety instructions one more time…***

***He didn’t make it through the safety talk. Nearing the end of the reminders one of the kids picked up the stick and Al took one right to the nose…GOT HIM!***

its done!
***THE BREAK! The candy falls…***

Xmas Shots
***The older folks enjoy one of MANY shots of the night***

Bubba Teeth Karoake
***Karoake. Every family member thinks they can sing. I’m not sure how the bubba teeth help?***

Santa is here
***Oh, we’re naughty. That’s why we have a special Santa that still comes every year…***

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December 24, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Texas hold’em was a blast. We had about 15 people show up and it went til 3am…I only went to 1am. I got too into the tournament and couldn’t take photos. I did get a day after shot though:

Texas Hold'Em

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December 23, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Went over to Justin and Britt’s house last night to see the baby for my first time. He is such a cute little man.

baby JJ

Justin and I pounded vodka and caught up on ole times. I woke up this morning on their couch…It’s so good be back and to soon be in a location that is easily accesible. I’ve missed my friends.

Tonight – Texas Hold’em tournament! Look for pics 2morrow.

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December 21, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »


Above latitude 35 north ain’t no picnic. It’s 10 degrees today, lovely.

new ride

The new ride. It really is a good car and I’ve had fun sliding around on the ice in it, YAW!

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Cayman, Chapters 22-25

December 20, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

Dear Cayman,

I will miss you my friend…


{Initiate.Chapter 25+++}


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