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I Was Hit By A Truck

May 24, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

We headed out to StingRay City and Kaibo yesterday with Roger…The seas were less than smooth and although it was fun at the time to sit on the bow and bounce around like a twelve year old on a trampoline, today I feel my age catching up to me. I have limited range of motion in my neck, my back is three degrees off center, and my tailbone is floating somewhere around in my ass cheek.

Roger: One of the coolest guys on the island to hang with

Jeremy thought we were on Lake Cunningham

AHHH, cold beach beverages

We pulled over to Iguana Island on the way back into port and ran face to face with the Rare Cayman Blue Iguana. It was a great experience to see these guys at rest in their natural habitat. The pictures will open in normal window frames so you can see the pictures really well.

Wendi Spots the Iguanas

A nice picture of the Rare Blue Iguana

This particular iguana was very friendly and let me get in close

This one didn’t really know what to think of me

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The Cousin Is Here

May 23, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

My cousin Jeremy arrived on Saturday and we took him out on Saturday night.

***Jeremy does not have his cousins liver, nor does he want it***

I was running the table all night

I won’t even comment on this one

He’s gonna be here until Saturday, so they’ll be more pics to come.

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Stuff I am forgetting

May 22, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

I’ve done some stuff over the past couple weeks and forgot to post the information…

***My boat is bigger than this boat***
The LOGOS II is this boat that comes up the port once a year and it is FULL of books that are really cheap. I love books, so we just had to check it out. The LOGOS II is obviously a religious based boat because the minute we got on board we were bombarded with books about God, God stuff, and why God is good. To top it off they were pumping subliminal ‘Praise Jesus’ music in the background to secretly make my book buying day turn into church. I waded through the five thousand people buying garbage books on religious crap and I found the holy grail (no pun intended, well…yeah, it was). I found a section where not one other soul was at and it contained tons of business books and design/advertising books! I bought three for 5 bucks then sprinted off the boat and jumped into the ocean to wash away the churchy feeling.

I’ll sum the rest of the pics up because I’m getting lazy:

Wendi and I tested the lighting at the Obar Nightclub

I won the freakin lottery

These people like rum!

Lori celebrated her 13th brithday

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- Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

My cousin arrvied today at about 2pm. I picked him up with Wendi, handed him a Corona, dropped them off at the pool bar…I’m gonna go meet them shortly – pictures to follow. No complete sentences for this post.

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Accounting Sucks

May 20, 2004 - Posted by Bobby - No Comments »

A very large; a very boring but large part of my job is accounting. I have come to the conclusion that accounting is the lamest thing one could possibly do. I understand you can become quite successfull doing it, but BLAH – I don’t care. You can become just as rich by inventing fake dog shit, and then at least you can say you’ve accomplished something.

The problem I have with it is that, as you probably can tell I’m a pretty creative guy, and accounting requires no creativity. Let me brand a company, design a website, market a product, or sell the Pope the freakin Koran, but please – get that damn accounting shit away from me.

I have to go – I have accounting to do

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